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Power Play (6/10)

Rock It The Right Way Posted on Fri, August 08, 2014 19:12:09

Bodinrocker – Rock It The Right Way

It´s safe to say that nothing on “Rock it The Right Way” is too taxing. Anders Bodin and his merry band take an entirely straightforward approach to their music and serve up twelve tracks of simple but decently executed bluesy rock.

Fans of Status Quo will enjoy the heads down boogie of “Foreign Land” and “Guitar Man”, while elsewhere Bodinrocker tap into the Southern rock groove of Georgia Sattelites and ZZ Top. “Fly High” even has something of Skynard´s “What´s Your Name” about it.

No, there´s nothing close to orginality, but the Bodin crew can pen a decent song, even if never really threatening true greatness. It may sound insulting to say that it sounds like a bunch of good quality demos recorded by friends for kicks, but it´s not meant to; it´s uncomplicated music with it´s heart on it´s sleeve, entirely inoffensive and made for pure pleasure.

When Anders Bodin is an old man drinking a cold one on his porch and his grand kids ask him what he did back in the day, he can play this with a quiet, understated pride and smile.

Marcus Jervis

Metalliville (5/10)

Rock It The Right Way Posted on Fri, August 08, 2014 17:33:15

Bodinrocker – Rock It The Right Way

This is very Status Quo to say the least. It’s like a tribute to that said band with no songs by them – in fact he even supported them in 2010 in Sweden.

Bodinrocker literally rips off Quo riffs right the way through the album from ‘Foreign Land’ to the title track ‘Rock It The Right Way’ – nothing more to be said really.

Glenn Milligan