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Roller Coaster Ride Posted on Mon, December 18, 2017 21:10:46

Bodinrocker – Roller Coaster Ride

Guitarist/vocalist Anders Bodin “rocker” has already released quite a few albums in the past and now releases a great single CD that consists of 4 tracks. Musically speaking it is catchy classic early 80s uptempo melodic/powerpop in the style of Bryan Adams, Kevin Lee and Phil Seymour. Songs like Roller coaster ride and Vacation are deadly catchy and take you right back 35-40 years back in time, sounding like new classics in this genre.

Highly recommended to fans of such melodic rock/powerpop!

Time Machine Music

Roller Coaster Ride Posted on Mon, December 18, 2017 20:57:00

Bodinrocker – Roller Coaster Ride

Anders Bodin is guitar player / singer/songwriter faithful to melodic/classic rock tendencies. His activities are constant, and some period ago, he has released a 4 song single, entitled „Roller Coaster Ride“.

“Roller Coaster Ride“”is key single and title track, and we can find and hear also songs as a : „Vacation“, „Space“, „Long Way Round“ ( last two are from the „Rock It The Right Way“ album) . Musically judging, Bodin is on field of 80’s variants, with clear traces of melodic rock, classic rock and power pop elements as well.

Melodicity is key weapon, and his music is recommendable for the followers of mentioned tendencies.

Branimir Lokner