Bodinrocker – Eye To Eye

I’ve just had the great pleasure of listening to the new album, ‘Eye to Eye’, by Swedish boogie meister, BodinRocker. ‘Eye to Eye’ is formally released tomorrow, September 14.

BodinRocker is a long time Quo fan, and just as with his previous albums, that Quo influence is very much to the fore. But this is no lightweight Quo pastiche. Plenty of boogie rock for sure, but lots of light and shade, thoughtful and intelligent lyrics and a great production as well, a really high quality sound.

Yes, there’s plenty of straight-ahead and instantly accessible melodic boogie, and done really well. VacationRoller Coaster RideGot No Time and my particular favourite, That Old Twelve Bar, are all top class rockers. And some light and shade? How about the bluesy, atmospheric Lazy Day? There are some real epics as well, like Brown Bear and New Sweden.

Another great album from BodinRocker, well worth seeking out.

Peter McCray