Anders Bodin aka Bodinrocker is longest period in the saddle. He is from
Gothenburg, Sweden, and musically, he is faithfull to 70’s rock legacies. I
have to say that his entire carreare has a respectable promotional campaighn on
net, and his actuelle album ” Mysterious Man” has been introduced in
many webzines, nationally and abroad. ” Mysterious Man” are consists
of 10 pretty listaneble and melodic tunes, done in mentioned 70’s rock manner.
His works knows to remind on Status Quo approach, equally vocally and judging
by performing threathenings.
But, melodicity is a key weapon of Swedish rocker, and complete materials
posses a radio friendly usings. Many of present songs are very, very
listenable, and also acceptable for gig performings. Nothing specially new, but
Bodinrocker offers a good feelin’, enjouable songs and positive vibrations..

Rating : 7,
5 / 10

Branimir Lokner