From Stockholm comes Anders Bodin. A very talented artist who recently
released his CD called ‘Hall Of Flames’ which is an excellent catchy and
diverse album.

‘End Of The Road’ and is a very catchy song. The guitar playing is solid
and sometimes blues based with a modern slant complete with cool Hammond
keyboards which gives the song a slight Don Ross, Chris Rea vintage rock feel.
The same can be said for the excellent ‘My Girl’, here the song gets your feet
tapping. The guitar playing is sharp and you think to yourself where have I
heard this before. And I’m reminded of the above artists plus Stefan Andersson,
Bob Segar and maybe even Joe Bonamassa and Billy Joel.

‘Hall Of Flames’ has a strong vintage guitar vibe that would not sound out
of place on a Status Quo album; this is again melodic and catchy. Next up is
the excellent ‘The Star’ this track is like early Whitesnake as is the catchy
‘Whipping Boy’, again vintage rock n’ roll with gritty sharp guitars, your feet
won’t stop dancing to these. And again it’s the same feeling for the catchy
‘And Soon They Start To Sing’. ‘Golden Girl’ is a little rawer in structure.
This track you should know and is very cool and addictive, I hear Beatles
influences on this song. ‘Bearman’ is Quo jamming with George Harrison whilst
‘The Way Back Home’ makes me think of The Who and is pretty cool track, very
catchy, love the way this track builds. ‘Black Sheep Valley’ has a Led Zep
meets Purple meets Rolling Stones vibe.

Overall then ‘Hall OF Flames’ is performed well and is nothing but a solid
fun record, nothing more, nothing less, very enjoyable record

Nicky Baldrian, Fireworks Magazine, UK