Bodinrocker – Mysterious Man

Gothenburg, Sweden actually produces much more than melodic death metal,
and Bodinrocker’s latest release proves it. Mysterious Man is 10 tracks of
basically good-natured old-school rock, heavily influenced by the greats of the
late 70s and early 80s.

Bodinrocker was Anders Bodin’s teenage nickname, and he’s done a good job
of making it stick. Playing guitars, some bass and singing lead, Bodin does his
best to deliver big guitar riffs, upbeat blues-based rhythms and inoffensive
vocals. Deciding to travel as a solo artist, Bodin worked with keyboard player
Lars Ekberg and released Hall Of Flames in 2006. After some modest success in
Sweden, Bodin got back into the studio and began work on his sophomore effort,
Mysterious Man.

Bodin continues to handle lead vocals and guitars. He is a decent singer
with a pleasant and unassuming voice – and his voice is well suited to his
preferred style of mellow classic rock. His guitar work is outstanding, and
most of his songs have a definite “UFO” feel to them. A decent
soloist and catchy rhythm player, Bodin’s music is kicky, bouncy and always
melodic. Writing songs about life and living, his lyrics are for the most part
positive and at times downright goofy and humorous – filled with references to
music, exploration and motorcycles. Only the last two tracks break from this
“good time” feel. “Endless Pain” is a bleak song dealing
with suicide while “Legend Of The Savior” is a respectful look at the
life of Jesus Christ.

Bodin has built a solid band behind him. Co-producer Lars Ekberg does a
good job on the keyboards, blending in nicely without dominating, and playing a
mean old-school Hammond organ or blues piano. Marcus Sigvardsson is a solid and
capable bass player, but for the most part he seems content to be in the
background. Drummer Klas Anderhell is an ideal drummer for this style of rock –
just flashy enough to really be noticed but not in-your-face obnoxious. The
album’s production values are very good – warm and slightly fuzzed while
somehow remaining crisp and clean.

Musical highlights include the great guitar solo on “Life Is A
Mystery,” the solid vocal performance and hot guitar licks on
“526,” the great bluesy groove of “Back On Track,” the
peaceful tropical images called up by the lyrics of “This Is Life,”
and the general goofy and humorous tone of the toe-tapping “Scooter.”

On the whole, Mysterious Man is a fun album and a good listen. There is
nothing offensive or objectionable here – just good music played with enthusiasm
and raw talent. While not evolutionary or groundbreaking in any sense,
Bodinrocker proves that old-school isn’t dead – or even just resting…

Recommended for any fan of classic rock.

Joe Mis