BODINROCKER is a Swedish Hard Rock band existing of Anders Bodin (lead
vocals, guitar), Marcus Sigvardsson (bass), Klas Anderhell (drums) and Lars
Ekberg (piano, Hammond, backing vocals). Actually, Bodinrocker is an old
nickname of Anders Bodin, who started writing songs at the age of ten. In 2006
Anders Bodin released his debut solo album “Hall Of Flames” and in
2008 he started working on his next album, which is “Mysterious Man”.

With this album “Mysterious Man”, which was released this April
and features ten songs, we’re going back into the mid 70’s, because most of the
songs on this album reminds very much of STATUS QUO during their hey days in
the 70’s and early 80’s. I don’t like all the songs of the album. “This Is
Life” is a bit boring and is in my opinion the least song of the album.
Also the title track is a bit less, and “526” is just nice.

The first single of the album is “Scooter”, which is really a
great song and would make QUO’s Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt jealous. If
“Scooter” was a song of the QUO in the 70’s it would be a big hit.
The second track of the album, “Get Me On The Road”, reminds also
slightly of AC/DC. The production of the album, which was done by Lars Ekberg
and Anders Bodin, is very good. Bodin is a nice singer, but most of all an
excellent guitar player. “Mysterious Man” is, as you will understand,
not a very original album, but it sounds damn good.

The songs I like the most on this album are “Life Is A Mystery”,
“Get Me On The Road”, “Back On Track”, “No
Destination”, “Scooter”, “Endless Pain” and
“Legend Of The Saviour”. Anyway, I’m sure that every QUO fan will
like this album of BODINROCKER very much. Nice album.

Ad van Osch