Anders Bodin aka Bodinrocker is a swedish inspired rocker who discovered
the joys of rock music at a very young age, picking up the guitar and writing
songs since he was ten years of age.

“Mystery Man” is the second album that Bodinrocker have produced and I must say that if
you are into Status Quo, then you will love the work that Anders has done. The
band, above all others that have been cited as influences, shines through
tracks such as “Get me on the road”, “526”, “Back
on track”
and the single “Scooter”, which has a sound
very similar to a melodic slower paced “Roll over lay down”
from Status Quo.

“Mystery Man” is a light hearted, rocking and well produced
listening experience. Since the subject matter on the album isnĀ“t complex, you
can simply sit back and enjoy the musical capabilities of Bodinrocker.

Glenn Butler