BODINROCKER is a 4-piece band from Sweden, with as leader ANDERS BODIN, who
is responsible for the guitars, vocals, tambourine and a little bass, besides
all the words and music. The music itself on this high quality CD (mastered by
PETER IN DE BETOU – known for his work on albums by WOLF, DREAM EVIL, NARNIA
and countless others) is a mix of Classic Rock, Hardrock the 1970s way, Bluesy
Rock and some Progrock. It is definitely an album with a true 1970s spirit,
where each rockband did a little bit of this and a bit of that, meaning the
experimental side of things, because that was exactly the way Rockbands were
working in the 1970s, just jamming and experimenting. This CD is a mixed bag,
because sometimes it’s very bluesy, then again proggy, then just plain hardrock
and even pure STATUS QUOish boogie rock is included (“Scooter”). Fans
of the 1970s rocksound will absolutely love this record, then go to: