Bodinrocker – Eye To Eye

Swedish rocker Anders Bodin, alias Bodinrocker is back with his fourth album “Eye To Eye”, containing eight brand new songs and two from his EP “Roller Coaster Ride”, “Vacation” and “Roller Coaster Ride”.
Both the tracks are absolutely catchy and easy listening, two songs that put wings to the imagination and the desire for sun, summer and escape from the greyness of winter.
Pieces like “Brown Bear” has an Ac/Dc intro with a good guitar and also the guitar continues to hook, the song take a turn into a melodic way, not bad, with its southern sound.
More slowly is the following “My Way” with bluesing intro at its beginning and while continuing with a rhythm in half the blues and the country, perhaps it is the song that has less appeal.
Completely at the opposite is “Got No Time”, rock and roll a go-go with a wink to the 70’s glam rock sound, pretty good piece.
Another quiet song is “Lazy Day” with a good guitar sound, “New Sweden” resumes that southern rock
that i really like, covering it with a new dress, catchy and easy to memorize, I like it!
“That Old Twelve-Bar” continue with the same sound with a hooking refrain and good melodies, another good piece in “Eye To Eye”.
“Can’t Live Without It” has such a good rhythm, a highlight in this album. Same mood and same rhythm for “Life Ain’t Fair” that closes the album but  does not reach the structure of the previous piece, not lowering the average and the quality of the whole album.
“Eye To Eye” is a good album, which is aimed at an audience that loves melodic sounds with a southern blues flavor with hints of classic rock.
Listen it and give a chance to this album, it will not mark the history of music but you will have bought a well done record and will make you spend some of your time in a carefree way.

Valeria Campagnale